Helping Your Business Grow

KMI is dedicated to helping your business prosper and grow. Thank you for becoming apart of an ever growing team dedicated to supporting you in your efforts and achievements. We are always starting new projects that we hope you will find helpful when it comes to building relationships with your clients and growing your book of business.


Send Customer Relationship Letters

Time is money, with this in mind we would like to help take off some of the burdens that every agent should be doing in order to build great rapport and trust.

Things that our offers;

  1. Automated Birthday Cards
  2. Annual Notice of Change Letters
  3. Automated Data Entry for your BOB
  4. Cross Selling Opportunities

Your Book of Business

If you have been faxing your applications into KMI for Pre-Scrubbing and submission then your BOB has already been populating. Thanks to our office staff you now have a one stop shop where you can look at client enrollment form and also review a spreadsheet with all of your clients info.

If that's not a game changer, what is?


Agent Resource Center

Our Agent Resource Center is continuously growing to meet your needs. weather your an affiliate of ours or work in our office we are dedicated to providing you with tools and resources.